Dear St. Louis Devotees,

Self-Realization Fellowship has advised that Meditation Circles, Groups, Centers, and Temples cancel all services in light of the virus situation.

Here is an excerpt from their letter:  “After much prayerful consideration about what the right course of action should be, we are asking that your SRF Meditation Circle cease meeting together in person until further notice.  With regard to group activities that have been planned for later in the year, we will advise you as to whether these events should be canceled in the weeks to come.  Those of you who regularly participate in group meditations and spiritual fellowship know the value and positive influence of seeking God together. We encourage you to continue participating in group meditations via our online meditation services by visiting We are also looking into offering online inspirational events soon and encourage you to check our website for updates on this.”                                                                                             God Bless, MC

In accordance with Mother Center’s guidance, all St. Louis Circle services have been canceled until further notice.                   Jai Guru,  Managing Council